I never thought that I would make food for a living. My interest in baking and transforming simple ingredients into delicious meals slowly grew while I was studying mathematics at university. Learning to make bread from scratch or trying to put my own twist on old family recipes was my escape to the increasing feeling that the career path I was following lacked enough creativity for me.

Then, an opportunity for my better half and I came up to move to Toronto. We packed our bags and our lovely (sometimes a little less) dog and left Montreal, the city where we both grew up. With time on my hands as we were settling down in our new city, I signed up for a baking class for fun. I loved every second of it. So much so that with a lot of ambition and absolutely no experience, I brought my resume to a few bakeries and scored my dream job as a baker at a Swedish coffee shop where I spend my days making cinnamon buns and other sweets filled with cardamom.

In this blog, I wish to share the recipes that remind me of home, the travel stories which always involve a lot of food as well as the restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops I love to visit in Toronto.

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