Last week, we made an herb infused simple syrup using sage. I paired it with rose Gin from Dillon’s and blackberries in a fabulous cocktail. Today, Jon got you bourbon lovers covered! Bulleit Bourbon and Basil Hayden’s are staples that we keep around in our bar, but this week, we wanted to try Bulleit’s Bourbon 10 Year Old. When we go out for drinks at a new place, we’ll order an old fashioned as a baseline to see how serious their cocktail game is. A solid old fashioned for us starts with good bourbon. Then, you can enhance its flavours minimally with simple ingredients like sugar and bitters. On the other hand, some people may mask the taste of a poor quality whisky by adding too much sugar, a cherry, or god forbid (Jon’s worst nightmare) a touch of orange juice. Although we don’t usually mess with a classic, we sometimes get surprised by interesting pairings. When Jon was in Miami for work, he stumbled upon a quaint bar called The Local Craft in an area that seemed to have not much at all. Besides great craft beers, they had a strong cocktail menu. The stand out drink was simply titled « sage »…or something…, which contained whisky and sage. It took only one for him to fall in love. It was well balanced while keeping the focus on the bourbon. Jon created the recipe below to honour the memories (or lack of) from that trip. In Toronto, our go to spot for bitters, accessories and all things cocktail related is called Cocktail Emporium. Our eyes light up like kids in a candy store every time we visit.

This weekend we are heading back to Montreal for the wedding of some dear friends. We won’t be there for long, but we’ll try to hit a few new places we’ve been wanting to visit. We look forward to sharing them with you. Now, onto the drink…


2 drinks


a few cubes of ice to stir the drink
3/4 oz. of sage simple syrup
4 oz. of your favourite bourbon
10-12 dashes of quality bitter (we used Dillon’s Ginseng Bitters)
2 sage leaves to garnish


To make the drinks, put a few cubes of ice in a jar. Add the simple syrup, the bourbon and bitters. Stir with a spoon until the mixture is chilled. Give it a taste and adjust with more syrup or booze to your liking. Strain into two glasses. For each, bend the sage leaf in half lengthwise to release the essential oils and wipe the rim of the glass with it before placing it in the drink. Santé!

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